Christiana and Istvan
"Building a Life of Love"

Said "I Do" on January 7th 2024

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Christiana and Istvan were the first Mirror's Edge Wedding of 2024, and it was a brilliant way to start out the year.  They chose to say their vows at the gorgeous Cypress Ridge Pavilion in Arroyo Grande, California on a chilly day in January.  Despite the chill in the air, the warmth that was created by these two and their amazing friends and family was like a warm blanket over the entire event.  Christiana and Istvan decided on a very intimate ceremony and reception, inviting their closest family and friends - many of whom traveled from quite far away to show their support and love to the couple.  When they stood in front of their attendees at the altar, accompanied by their adorable "four legged family member", Toffee, and said "I Do", there were cheers, laughter and even a few happy tears.  


Love is the Greatest Gift in the World!


Christiana was a gorgeous Bride in her amazing dress and fur wrap, and Istvan was every bit the handsome groom in his gray suit.  And when these two looked at each other, it was obvious that the foundation that they had built their love upon was strong and unwavering.  As their officiant so eloquently noted during their ceremony, a strong marriage is like a home - the walls must be strong, but the ground and foundation that the home is built upon must be just right in order to weather any storms that may come.  It takes compromise, support, loving arms to shoulder the load when necessary, and above all, it takes an absolute decision to love and cherish the person you are building a life with.  Christiana and Istvan definitely have all of these things.  Congratulations to one of the most beautiful couples I've had the pleasure of working with - never stop looking upon each other with those eyes of love!      

So, sit back, grab a kleenex and take a virtual walk through the amazing wedding of Christiana and Istvan.  If you see a photograph that you absolutely love, you can purchase prints, metal wall art and canvases directly through this website by clicking the order buttom above the image.  All products purchased through the website will be seamlessly sent directly to your doorstep!


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